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Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park

Beach in the forest - the other unique name called by the visitors consists of an unusual variety of plams or rather with "mixed dipterocarp forest" where most species of forest can be found in the world.

Lambir Hills National Park is also famous for its numerous waterfalls that attracted most of the visitors especially weekenders due to it closeness to Miri town. Apart from that, visitors may also be able to go for jungle trekking, bird watching or just chill yourself in its cool natural swimming pool. There are picnic shelters ready to serve visitors that aimed for relaxing or picnicking.

Little facts abou this park
Location : Miri - Bintulu Road
Distance from Miri : 30Km
Size : 6,952Ha
Year gazetted : 1975
Direct contact the park : (Tel) 6 085 491030 (Fax) 6 085 491609

How to get there

From Miri town
By Bus (40 mins drive) RM3.00/person
By Taxi (30 mins drive) approximately RM40.00/trip


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