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Loagan Bunut National Park

Loagan Bunuut National Park

Being the largest natural lake in Sarawak consists of its own unique Flora and fauna, Loagan Bunut served two different experiences to visitors which were during wet and dry seasons.

During the wet season, visitors will have a chance to go around the lake by boat to enjoy the nature, observe the local community catching fish using traditional method called "selambau" and also enjoy bird watching. While during dry season visitors will be able and ready to walk across a muddy bed of the lake in its natural smell.

Loagan Bunut National Park also offers other activities such as jungle trekking and chargeable boat cruising to Bunut River upon request or just relaxing and enjoy the different sunset in a peaceful sound of the jungle.

Little facts abou this park
Location : Tinjar Baram
Distance from Miri : 120Km
Size : 10,736Ha
Year gazetted : 29th August, 1991
Direct contact the park : (Tel) 6 085 779410 (Fax) 6 085 779409

How to get there

From Miri town to Lapok
By Bus (2 1/2 hours drive) RM11.00/person per way
By Taxi/Private Car (2 hours drive) approximately RM20.00/person per way

Then continue from Lapok small town to Loagan Bunut National Park by private car (10-20 minutes) RM5.00/person per way


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