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Miri Lifestyle

Miri offers an array of exciting lifestyles. Well-maintained public parks around the city are frequented by morning joggers and evening strollers. Playgrounds, walkways and neatly trimmed gardens offer a relaxing family environment.

Modern shopping complexes present onestop shopping convenience in airconditioned comfort. Public and private facilities cater for hobbies and passions, premier among them is the well-equipped public library that serves as the venue for many cultural events. Miri is surrounded by National Parks, some within driving distance for day trips.

Touring Miri Around and About Miri
Miri City is ideal for strolling — no two places are very far apart.
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Discovery The Interior Borneo The Hinterland
Miri is the staging point for adventure treks into the interior of Borneo more details
Diving Paradise Sports and Recreationals
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Modern and Cultural Shopping Modern Malls Make Miri
a shopping paradise for visitors and tourists, offering everything from ... more details
Miri by Night Miri By Night you may croon your heart out at pubs and karaoke lounges, or head for the nearest star-rated hotel nightclub more details



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