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Ethnic Crafts

Ethnic Crafts

Miri curio shops and markets stock a fascinating array of beautiful handicrafts that reflect the state’s rich multi-ethnic cultural heritage. There is a wide range of Orang Ulu products, as the homeland of these artistically gifted people lies in northern Sarawak.

At the Miri Handicraft Centre at Jalan Brooke, all of Sarawak’s handicrafts can be found under one roof. Craftsmen and women often ply their trade here, happy to chat with visitors and explain the details of their handiwork.

One unique feature of Sarawak crafts are beads. These colourful trinkets have been used for centuries, not only for personal decoration but also as a form of currency, for dowries, and for spiritual purposes. The Orang Ulu are well known for their beadwork, such as their unique beaded baby carriers.

Penan women plait distinctive black-andwhite mats and basket, some so fine as to be almost waterproof! The Orang Ulu prefer natural colours for their mats, baskets and hats, enlivened by colourful glass beads.

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