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Scuba Diving in Miri

The clear waters off Miri are an exciting, very accessible diving destination. Seasoned divers have affirmed that the magnificent marine life and coral reefs here are amongst the world’s finest, some situated a mere 15-minute boat trip from town. Divers from Sarawak Shell Petroleum discovered these unique sites during underwater explorations in the 1980s.

Popular dive sites include Barracuda Point, Anemone Garden, Grouper Patch Reef, Atago Maru Wreck, and the Seafan Garden. The Luconia area equals any top dive site in terms of diversity and visibility.

Miri’s Tropical Dives offers day trips and longer excursions. Call (6 085) 414300 for further information. Fish Eye Charter provides ‘live-on-board’ experience on longer trips to the offshore shoals. Please log on their website, fisheyechanter.com for information and details.

In November 2004, a small rig was converted into an artificial reef. Underwater regulars have the unique opportunity of keeping an eye on the Kenyalang reef and witness how a reef grows!




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