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Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

This world heritage site is famous for its impressive cave complex, but the biodiversity and scenic beauty of the whole park is just as breathtaking. Beside the popularly visited Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Lady’s Caves, a more strenuous trek leads to a weird landscape of razor-sharp rock pinnacles.

Permits and a park guide are usually organized by tour operators. Access to Mulu was traditionally by boat, but Fokker Friendship and Twin Otter, the sturdy workhorse of MAS rural air services, can shorten the daylong trip to a 25-minute and a 40-minute flight respectively.

The Canopy Skywalk, the world’s longest tree-based structure, in Mulu National Park allow visitors a glimpse of life in the treetops of the rainforest. 480 metres of walkway hang 20 metres above the forest floor, forming a circular route suspended between 15 trees with a separate exit tower. To keep human incursions at a sustainable level, visitor numbers to the Canopy Skywalk are carefully monitored. Tour operators need to book canopy walks well in advance, and stay within the stated hours. Up to ten tours per day is available.

Little facts abou this park
Location : Miri Limbang Division
Distance from Miri : 30Km
Size : 52,865Ha
Year gazetted : 1974
Direct contact the park : (Tel) 6 085 433561 (Fax) 6 085 432561

How to get there

By Air
Mulu is accessible by air from Miri. Daily flights to Mulu may be booked through Malaysian Airlines or Hornbill Skyways.

By Boat
Either from Limbang on the Headhunter’s Trail, or from Miri. The trip from Miri takes up to ten hours departing from Kuala Baram, on the Baram River, by express boat to Marudi. From Marudi you will have to take another express boat to Long Terawan or Long Cabong, on the Tutoh River, where you have to arrange a ride in a longboat to the park headquarters.


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