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The Adventure Hinterland

Mulu Sky Walk

Miri is the staging point for adventure treks into the interior of Borneo, or pleasant day-trips into the green rainforest. Lambir Hills, Niah and Loagan Bunut National Parks may be reached by car. Inland travel is undertaken by boat, by 4WD on rugged roads, or by small planes, which skim over the wild terrain and land in the cool highlands of central Borneo.

Lambir Hills National Park Lambir Hills National Park
Legend has it that seven fairy princesses once resided around the Latak waterfalls ...
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Niah National Park Niah National Park
One of Southeast Asia’s most important prehistoric sites lies a mere two hours’ drive
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Gunung Mulu National Park Gunung Mulu National Park
This world heritage site is famous for its impressive cave complex, but the biodiversity and scenic beauty of the whole park is just ...
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Loagan Bunut National Park Loagan Bunut National Park
Now you see it now you don’t! The ‘shrinking lake’ Loagan Bunut gives its name to this park ...
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Upper Baram River Rafting Upper Baram River Rafting
The rapids near Long San on the middle Baram, five hours overland from Miri ...
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Long Bedian Long Bedian
This Kayan longhouse, about five hours’ drive from Miri welcomes visitors who like to ...
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Bario Bario
The Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak’s ‘Shangri- La’, provide a welcome relief from the coastal plains ...
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Marudi Marudi
This township was the administrative centre of the Baram until it was superseded by Miri in the late 19th century ...
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Limbang Limbang
The ‘headhunter trail’ from Gunung Mulu National Park either starts or ends in Limbang ...
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