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Niah National Park

Niah National Park

40,000 years, the Niah great cave sheltered a human life. Here liest he oldest human remains in Southeast Asia. The Great Cave & Painted Cave have been declared as a National Historical Monuments as visitors can observed the remaining artifacts kept at the park mini museum. The park visitors may enjoy bird watching, enjoy the fresh jungle beauty and visit to the nearest Iban longhouse to observe their cultures on the way trekking to the cave.

Little facts abou this park
Location : Miri Division
Distance from Miri : 131Km
Size : 3,140Ha
Year gazetted : November 1974
Direct contact the park : (Tel) 6 085 737454 (Fax) 6 085 737918

How to get there

From Miri town to Batu Niah
By Bus (2 1/2 hours drive, Miri/Batu Niah) RM10.00/person per way
By Taxi (1 hour 45 minutes drive) approximately RM60.00/per cahetered

Then continue from Batu Niah to Niah National Park by taxi or boat (5 - 10 minutes drive) RM10.00/person per way


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